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Sylvanian Families Deluxe TV (4264)


Sylvanian Families Deluxe TV

This stylish TV Set and cabinet, includes four TV scenes and light-up TV screen.Figure not included

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Although Sylvanians love to spend their time gallivanting outside, they do occasionally sit down to watch nature documentaries and learn about the world around them. This lovely, working television set is presented in a traditional-style chocolate brown cabinet unit, complete with extra roomy cupboard space alongside, and exquisite details such as silver painted knobs, dark brown speakers and a floral detail on the lower cupboard. The television screen requires 2* AAA batteries to light up (batteries are not included), plus there are 4 different screens so your Sylvanians can pick and choose their favourite channel! As a finishing touch, there's a lace mat and photo frame with snap to go on top of the set, giving your Sylvanian living room a lovely homely feel.

1 television, 4 screens, 1 lace mat, 1 photo stand