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    Bath toy with plenty of features to entertain kids at bathtime Jake loves to climb the mast and look out to a sea of bubbles Push down on the octopus's head for water squirting fun

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    The TOMY Infant & Toddler range have a complete product offering of family favourite toys that encourage your child’s development, and keep your little ones entertained for hours! The perfect Bathtime Toy Foam Cone Factory

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    Mummy duck just loves to take her 2 babies for a swim. Hours of bath time fun with these 3 ducks. Mummy duck is approx 15cm long. For Ages 12 months +

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    Bright, fun and appealing, Tomy's Do Rae Me Dolphins can make bath time go with a song.Each dolphin fits into a similar coloured ring, and once afloat, a tap on every head sounds a different note.

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    Aqua Fun Paddling Pup This delightful Paddling Pup Bath Toy will bring fun and laughter to Bath time. Pull the ball away from the puppy and watch as the puppy paddles through the water in chase of the ball.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items