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Sylvanian Families 3 Piece Suite 4464
  • Sylvanian Families 3 Piece Suite 4464
  • Sylvanian Families 3 Piece Suite 4464
  • Sylvanian Families 3 Piece Suite 4464

Sylvanian Families 3 Piece Suite 4464

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The new Luxury Loo has been created as the perfect finishing touch to the SMALL BATHROOM SET (ref T15). With a light wood coloured seat and lid it matches perfectly. Will also be a welcome addition to any family home. Figures not included

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In Sylvania folks are always popping in and out of each others houses, dropping by for a cup of tea here, sharing some of the flowers they picked that morning there, or even just dropping round for a kind word. This means that no Sylvanian living room can ever have too many places on which to perch! This lovely 3 Piece Set comes with a sofa and 2 matching chairs, all with a charming countryside floral pattern and a lovely teardrop-style wood detail within curved frames. A coffee table made from matching wood is included in the pack, and atop of the table, is a beautiful set of daisies fresh from the meadow! Two heart-red cushions come with this set too, to add a dash of style to your Sylvanian living room.

1 sofa, 2 armchairs, 2 cushions, 1 coffee table, 1 vase, 1 bunch of flowers


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